Injections are a more effective way for pain relief because it delivers the medication directly to the pre-determined location of spine generating pain. A short-acting numbing medication and a long-acting anti-inflammatory medication are injected into a muscle, joint or nerve in the spine. As a result, immediate pain relief is experienced by the patient in the targeted area.

Lydocaine injection

Lydocaine is a local numbing medication. It is also called xylocaine. It is used to numb the painful areas to help reduce pain and discomfort. It starts providing pain relief within 90 seconds. Its effects wear off within 2 hours. It is effective for both central and visceral pain. It works by blocking nerve signals in body. It is used more often as diagnostic tools than a long last lasting pain relief. Side effects of lydocaine injection may impair the reflex or thinking ability of patients. Patient should avoid driving, chewing within few hours after injection. Side effects include vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, hot or cold feeling, blurred or double vision, confusion and ringing ears.

Marcaine injection

It is also called bupivacaine. It is an anesthetic used for pain relief. Its effects can be a bit delayed but last longer providing pain relief to the patients. It is used for a spinal block or as a local anesthetic. Common side effects are blurred vision anxiety, restlessness, and disturbed sexual function, nausea, shivering or vomiting. It may interact with ergot medicines antidepressants, MAO inhibitors or blood thinners. Typically, it numbs the pain for up to 15 hours but if epinephrine is added to marcaine it may increase the result duration by more 1 to 2 hours. Marcaine is given as an epidural into the spinal column to numb the pain during surgery, labor or certain medical procedures. It is also used as an anesthetic for dental procedures.


Lydocaine and bupivacaine pain injection are most commonly used as anesthetic agents. Lydocaine is fast acting but lasts up to 2 hours where bupivacaine has a slower onset of action i.e. 5-10 minutes and its effects last much longer.