Neurology is a branch of medical science that is concerned with diseases and disorders of nervous system. The main areas of neurology include central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems of the body. A neurologist is specialized in diagnosis and treating nervous system disorders including diseases of muscles, nerves, spinal cord and brain.

Back and neck pain are most common ailments that may come from a variety of causes. Nervous system, musculoskeletal system or a combination of both may be responsible for back and neck pain. Low back pain ranges from dull, mild, annoying pain to severe, persistent, disabling pain in the lower back. Low back pain can interfere with normal functioning and restrict mobility. Lower back pain can be caused by compressed, pinched or injured nerves.


Diagnosis of back and neck pain require an entire neurological exam and history to evaluate the causes and treatment. This condition is evaluated using X rays, neuro-diagnostic testing, magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography and other tests to diagnose specific problem. It may be individualized depending on the findings and symptoms.

You need a neurologist for your neck and back pain. Neurologists are highly specialized in diagnosing neck and back pain and assessing associated risks and treatment options. A neurologist is trained to discover the causes of symptoms. They use EMG testing to assess the nerve injury whether it is reversible in short time or long term. Back injuries are long term conditions and take time to get fixed.

Mostly neck pain is due to soft tissue sprain or muscle strain but also can be caused by whiplash. Neck pain can be relieved with medication, heat or cold packs and physical therapy without any surgical procedure. Very few types of neck pain may need surgery. Neurologists and neurosurgeons can help you treat and relieve neck and back pain. Back and neck pain accompanied by tingling sensation or numbness, chronic pain during night, pain accompanied by difficulty swallowing or breathing, pain or uncontrolled bladder or bowel function indicate that you need a neurosurgeon.